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A downloadable game for Windows

A simple 5-wave space shooter with asteroids, enemies, and powerups. Keyboard controls (instructions in-game). 

For the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam. This project matches the theme in the following ways. 

-Asteroids/Enemies: obstacles, extra time, score 

-Collectibles: can collect to get benefit or shoot for extra score

-Energy: used for shooting and shielding

-Movement: usual purpose / can run into asteroids for benefits (while shielding)

Platforms: Windows

Engine: Unity

Tools Used: Unity, Photoshop, Audacity,, Bfxr, Blender

More information

Published 3 days ago
Tags3D, Arcade, Shooter, Singleplayer, Space

Install instructions

Unzip and run the executable


Download (16 MB)


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Fun! I particularly like how you can choose to either get the collectibles or shoot them for more time, made for some interesting choices.